About Us

PATASKALA — Drivers traveling on Broad Street often drive past General Merchandise Co. without realizing the business is there.

However, after they walk through the door once, they usually keep coming back.

Most of them are probably just amazed that there is this much stuff here.

The store’s shelves are packed with military surplus items, including clothes and boots, camping supplies, knives and paintball and airsoft guns.


If you are looking for something for a guy in your life, you can find something unique enough for them here.

The business started in 1972, when Tritsch’s father, Ben, bought three military speed graphic cameras just for fun, but realized people were interested in buying them.

Soon, he began to buy and sell other military surplus items, such as water coolers. The business moved to its Broad Street location in 1978.It started as a hobby and it snowballed from there.


He has several ways of buying merchandise. Some items come from dealers who buy military surplus goods in bulk and resell them. Other items come from companies that make products that look just like military products. Every once in a while, someone will bring in personal items they don’t want anymore.

No matter where the merchandise comes from, our main concern is quality.


Because new items are always becoming available, the store’s offerings change every day.


Although General Merchandise Co.’s main demographic is men, the store tries to offer something for everyone.


The staff at General Merchandise is small, but they do their best to run the store as efficiently as possible. They are always willing to help the customer, whatever their needs are.

We listen to our customers and try to accomodate them as best as we can.




General Merchandise Co. is at 13690 Broad St. SW in Pataskala. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information, call 740 927-7073 or visit